Past debates and *Winning Balloonists


JUNE 2019

KYRO BROOKS: ‘Online communities can be a force for social good.’

*SHAHROO IZADI: ‘Kindness is the key to changing our behaviour.’

HERB KIM: ‘Ted Talks, Trump and the Power of Narrative.’


Paul Embery: ‘Our politicians are scared of working-class identity.’

Dana Qarout: “Education has not liberated women in Jordan – yet.”

Bee Rowlatt: “Mary still matters: Rediscovering Wollstonecraft.”


Sara-Louise Burke on Windrush

Dave Rich on Antisemitism

*Caroline Cox on Aid

JUNE 2018

*Dolly Theis on Health

Graham Gudgin on Experts

Nora Mulready on the Left

MARCH 2018

*Steve Moore on Cannabis

Alicia Weston on Cooking

Javier Pes on Art


Kit Collingwood on Nothing

*Phil Mullan on Automation

Rachael Box on Gangs

JUNE 2017

*Oliver Bullough on Kleptocrats

Kassandra Gordon on Public Speaking

Angus Kennedy on Borders

MARCH 2017

Azeem Azhar on Artificial Intelligence

*Julia Hobsbawm on Social Health

Mark Chavez on Data


*David Maguire on Masculinity

Lara Prendergast on Technology

Josh Spero on Wagner

SEPTEMBER 2016   Read about it

*Sean O’Callaghan on Totalitarianism

Signe Johansen on Hygge

Richard Mollet on Demagogues

JUNE 2016

Jon Holbrook on Nation States

Ella Whelan on Referenda

*Ian Dunt on Europe

MARCH 2016   Read about it

John Bew on Attlee

Kate Godfrey on Labour

*Roger Harding on Solidarity

DECEMBER 2015  Read about it

Tony Fish on Education

*Joanna Williams on Schools

Catriona Maclay on Reading

OCTOBER 2015 Read about it

Dominic Cummings on the EU

Clare Hornsby on Beauty

*Darren Hall on Democracy

JULY 2015  Read about it

Will Davies on Happiness

Sherine el Taraboulsi on Extremism

*Austen Williams on Sustainability

MAY 2015   Read about it

Claire Fox on Free Speech

Ed Maggs on Books

*Robert Phillips on Trust