The Inaugural De Beauvoir Balloon Debate, May 2015

Claire-Fox           edmaggs4           Robert Phillips

Wednesday May 20th, 7.30pm

St Peter’s Crypt, Northchurch Terrace, London N1 4DA

Three fascinating speakers will have 15 minutes each to make their case for an important idea. Each will face challenges from a questioning audience, and each other, to test its strength. At the end of the evening, a quick vote will decide which of the three ideas has earned the right to be saved.

Claire Fox of the Institute of Ideas will argue that freedom of speech means nothing without the right to offend.

Ed Maggs, of the antiquarian booksellers Maggs Bros., will give two cheers for inertia: why the printed word won’t lie down and die.

Robert Phillips of Jericho Chambers will explain how PR has perished and that trust must therefore triumph.

Who will convince De Beauvoir that their idea most deserves a place in humanity’s hot air balloon?Join the first of what we hope will be a regular series of thought-provoking and enjoyable evenings.